Our school welcomes any applications from parents who want to find out more unique opportunities available at our kindergarten.

We encourage prospective parents to contact our school directly via or on 2915 3303 for enquiries.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our school community.

Admission Process

Complete the Application Form and submit it to our admissions office in person or by mail to G/F KING HEI HOUSE, TUNG HEI COURT, SHAU KEI WAN, HK You can download the application form by clicking the link below or obtain from the school. You can call the school for enquiries.

** Apply by parent or legal guardian. Please bring the required documents (please bring together the original documents for verification purposes)

  • A copy of your child birth certificate
  • Childs vaccination record
  • A photo (an invitation to the application form)
  • Parent / legal guardian of a copy of proof of identity
  • A return envelope (please attach enough postage and write the student’s name and address)
  • The admission fee of HK $40
    (For any enquiries, please call 29153303)

Students will receive the interview date and time once the school accepts their application.

The results will be recorded by letter or by telephone.

Successful applicant need to register in person on a specified date to complete registration procedures and pay $550 registration fee.

(This fee will be refund to parents by Cheque in October)

Fees & Charges

Fees include stationery, learning materials, books, school trips, uniforms, the school bus service or school snack. Other than that there is no school fee. For more details please contact our school.

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