Extra-curricular Activities


Islamic Class

School will provide two Islamic classes every week. Children will learn Quran, build Islamic foundation and values through the classes.

Chinese Learning Activities

There is a Chinese Fun Fun Room in school providing different learning corners for children to play. Children will go into the room once a week to enjoy playing teaching aid, role playing, sharing corner, etc.

XO Laptop Class

In our school every child has one laptop to use in a specific time. They will explore and have fun with educational apps in the laptop. Children are also encouraged to work with mixed aged children, the older children will teach the younger ones to explore the fun of laptop.

Art Projects

Art projects are set by teachers in the afternoon section for the students. Children will work in groups and they will cooperate with each other, discuss and share ideas in the process. Through engaging in the art projects, children’s creativity and general knowledge will be increased.

Physical Activities

Every week the students have chances to participate in the physical activities. There is a diverse and fun physical activities set up by teachers every week. When children actively engage in physical activity, children’s physical fitness, sensory functions and motor skills will be enhanced. Through the activities, children’s confidence and courage will be building up too.